Sunday, May 27, 2007


Deprecated appears to function the same way as Exclude/ExcludeClass. Adding the Deprecated tag to a class, method, or property removes the item from the asdocs. It also removes the item from the Content Assist of FlexBuilder although it can still be used if manually typed. I expected the compiler to throw a warning telling me that I was using a deprecated function, but I could not get this to occur.

Based on what I've found, I'd expect the tag to be used in one of the following ways:

[Deprecated] // no additional data
[Deprecated("This use is Deprecated")] // a message to display with the warning
[Deprecated(replacement="Use function x instead")] // identification of item that replaced deprecated item

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Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel,

I've added the [Deprecated] tag to some of my code, but unfortunately I do still see it in code completion. Do I need to do something else in addition to adding the tag to my code...i.e. does FlexBuilder just pick it up or do I need to add something to a config file somewhere to tell it to look for [Deprecated] tags.

Any help is much appreciated.

Take Care,

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