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Generally, you don't instantiate this class yourself. Instead you retrieve and Array of TextRun objects by calling flash.text.TextField.getTextRuns(beginIndex:int, endIndex:int). A text run simply represents a continuous segment of text which has a single text format. So the string "123456789" would have 4 TextRuns: "12", "34", "56", "789".

The estimated source of the TextRun class is:
public dynamic class TextRun extends Object {
   public beginIndex:int;
   public endIndex:int;
   public textFormat:flash.text.TextFormat;

For more information see flash.text.TextField.getTextRuns().

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Erik said...

According to describeType it is implemented like this:

package flash.test
 import flash.text.TextFormat;

 class TextRun extends Object

  public var textFormat:TextFormat;
  public var beginIndex:int;
  public var endIndex:int;

  public function TextRun(beginIndex:int, endIndex:int, textFormat:TextFormat)
   this.beginIndex = beginIndex;
   this.endIndex = endIndex;
   this.textFormat = textFormat;

Greetz Erik

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