Monday, May 14, 2007


flash.display.BitmapData has a a 2880 limitation on both its width and height. (LiveDocs Reference)

Children of the flash.dispay.Stage (and there are unconfirmed reports that children of all all flash.display.DisplayObjectContainers) have a minimum/maximum x/y value of +/-8191. Exceeding this limitation causes the child to not be displayed. (Reference)

"The minimum swf is about 135." I'm guessing this is for a Flash swf and not a flex swf. (Reference)

The maximum upload/download file size officially supported by FileReference is 100 MB (LiveDocs). It has been widely reported that Flex/Flash unofficially will allow much larger file sizes without any problem.


Erwin Verdonk said...

I can confirm that it is related to all subclasses of the DispayObjectContainer class.

EECOLOR said...

"flash.display.BitmapData has a a 2880 limitation on both its width and height"

This is only in the construction of a BitmapData instance. To get bigger dimensions, you can embed an image with bigger dimensions and grab it's bitmapData instance.

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